Kintsugi. A Narrative

Bachelor's Thesis
Exploring a Tradition from Japan
2019 · It is Kintsugi, known as restauration technique, to breathe new life into once shattered ceramics. The use of lacquer mixed with powdered gold is proof of the amount of appreciation felt towards the object. For this bachelor’s thesis I study our modern way of living and try to show potential alternatives.

Additionally, it serves as a written documentation of the 2D animated short film »To Patch with Gold«. The overall layout of this thesis reflects the animation’s mood – toned down, simplistic with a natural, organic feel to it.

The paper it was printed on was recycled and produced in Austria, self-printed by me at the Risograph printing Studio Risograd in Graz, Austria. Stefanie Schafzahl's French Link Stitch bookbinding plays part in the thesis being truly hand-made.

Watch the accompanying
Animation Short Film